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Estate agent boards can have a detrimental impact on local character, especially in conservation areas. Certain parts of St John’s Wood are covered by a Regulation 7 Direction which requires planning permission to display estate agent boards. We work hard to ensure that this is adhered to.

Westminster’s ‘Boardwatch’ leaflet sets out how and where estate agent boards can be displayed. The size and positioning of this signage is strictly controlled by planning law.

For properties within the Regulation 7 Areas, the ‘deemed consent rights’ are removed which means anyone who wants to display such boards in these areas must apply for Advertisement Consent. The criteria for Consent clearly set out in the leaflet, as are the criteria for Listed Buildings.

In addition, under Highways legislation, boards may not be fixed to a tree or structure, or placed directly on or over the highway, causing a nuisance or danger to the public.

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